About me

My name is Aleksandar Atanasov, and I’m currently a web project manager at a web studio called 2create.

This is my short story

My passion for coding started at Primary School, and this was the change that helped me to become the person I had dreamt of.

I received my degree in Informatics at VFU in 2012. This graduation was very helpful for me to learn a lot of new things and meet interesting people.

During the last year of my degree, I started working for 2create. I first worked as a WordPress developer. After two years, I was promoted to a project manager, and I have been working in that position for more than four years.

In 2015 my son was born, and this was the best moment in my life.

I’m now leading a team of 15 members that aims to deliver high-quality websites and build long-relationships with our partners.

Interests I have

I’m mainly interested in:

  • reading books and articles;
  • listening to audiobooks and podcasts;
  • learning web programming and new skills;
  • coding web applications;
  • practicing and watching sports;

Skills I keep improving

I’m a positive and communicative person who always tries to learn something new. Also, I’m open-minded, and I always try to find win-win situations.

Another skill is that I’m decisive, and I take reasonable risks to achieve something. This helps me to improve my self and have success.

In terms of coding, I try keeping my self up to date with all recent web trends. This helps me to be confident while managing projects.

What else…

I like spending time with my family and friends during the weekends. This refreshes my mind and prepares me for the next week.

I enjoy traveling around my country and finding new places to relax.

If you need to hear more about me, please feel free to contact me.